Introduction (Read First): Glimmer Tours is not your ordinary tourism company. Our unique approach of specializing in a few itinerary options has provided us industry leading satisfaction ratings from our clients. By providing the same exact experience to every traveler in each group, we are able to control the quality of your whole experience. If you are in the market for custom itineraries and want to piece together a trip yourself, we may not be the right fit. But if you are looking for a stress free planning experience, high quality pilgrimages and a great price with everything included then you're at the right place!

  1. What type of hotels do we stay in?
    1. We only work with quality hotel options. You will be staying at 4 star hotels in Lisbon, Fatima, Salamanca, Burgos, Lourdes & Barcelona. You will NOT be staying at convents or hostels like some other tour groups do.
  2. What type of flights do you purchase for us?
    1. We only work with 3 star or better airline carriers such as Delta, Air Canada, Air France, United, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Alitalia, El Al, Brussels, SWISS, Iberia, LOT, Royal Jordanian, Turkish, KLM, TAP, etc.

    2. Depending on the airport you depart from and the availability of the flights at the time of purchase, please expect 1 or 2 stops on your way to and back from Europe.

    3. Total travel time to Europe from the USA or Canada typically ranges from 12 - 22 hours. This may vary shorter or longer under special circumstances.

    4. The selection of which airline or flight option is at the full discretion of Glimmer Tours. Once we issue tickets you will be able to call the airline directly or log-in online to manage your booking and make any special requests to the airline such as dietary requirements or wheelchair assistance.

    5. Glimmer Tours does not offer business or first class options. You may have the option to upgrade to premium economy depending on flight availability. This must be processed directly with the airline.

    6. Some airlines allow for free advanced seat selection while others may charge an additional fee for this perk. Glimmer Tours cannot guarantee seat assignment, this must be coordinated directly with the airline. 

  3. Do you offer Land Only packages where we purchase our own flights?

    1. For quality control and organizational purposes, Glimmer Tours does not offer Land Only options and only offers our standard Flight & Land package.

  4. How do I meet up with the group? Where is the group traveling from?

    1. Our groups consist of solo travelers, family and friend groups departing from airports all across the USA and Canada. Although you may run into other group members at the airport, during transfers or dinner on the day of arrival, you are scheduled to meet everyone in your tour group at breakfast the morning of your first day of sightseeing.

  5. Can Glimmer Tours actually deny my registration?

    1. It is rare that this happens, but yes, here at Glimmer Tours, we understand how much the attitude of individual travelers in a group can affect the overall experience for everyone else. To maintain the quality of our trips for everybody, we make an effort to only work with clients that will help us in creating a positive, welcoming and joyful experience for everyone else.

  6. Do you have Spanish tours?

    1. At this time, Glimmer Tours only offers tours in English.

  7. Do you offer Christian tours?

    1. All Christians are welcome to join us on our pilgrimages. The itinerary is Catholic focused but many Christians from all different denominations join us and are always welcome.

  8. Is there a discount or incentive for bringing people?

    1. To keep our prices low without sacrificing the quality of our pilgrimages, Glimmer Tours does not offer group discounts, give free tickets or pay out any commissions. We are proud of our integrity to transparent pricing.

  9. Do you offer extensions or custom itineraries?

    1. To maintain the quality of our pilgrimages, Glimmer Tours does not customize its itinerary for Individual travelers in a group. Everyone in the group arrives and departs on the same day and gets the same experience.

  10. What does the insurance plan cover?

    1. Glimmer Tours purchases a Group Protection Plan by Travel Insured International for everyone in the group at no additional cost. For general policy questions, you may review our brochure here. If you have specific policy questions such as medical or trip cancellation coverage questions, we recommend calling and speaking with a licensed insurance agent at Travel Insured International at +1-844-440-8113.

  11. Is Glimmer Tours licensed & insured?

    1. Yes we are fully incorporated in California. We are an active California Seller of Travel member (# 2142287-40), as well as the California Restitution Fund, have comprehensive Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance with Zurich American Insurance Company and also purchase travel insurance coverage with Travel Insured International for every one of our clients on their behalf. 
  12. How do I register and pay for the trip? When are payments due?
    1. Click on the green "Select" button on the tour page you are interested in. Then select the number of people you would like to book for. You will be able to see your payment plan, when each payment is due and how much. We recommend registering online as to limit the amount of mistakes done through phone registrations. If you still need help with your registration, feel free to call us at +1 (800) 282-8407, we would be glad to assist you. **Prices are based on paying using our online eCheck / ACH option. If you'd like to use credit/debit cards then there is a 2.9% card surcharge (3.9% for AMEX).