Walking Requirements

When it comes to traveling to Europe, there is a lot of walking involved. Although there are many breaks in between walking, such as commuting on the bus and stopping for meals, it is still important that you travel under the proper expectations. Each day varies but you can expect to be walking/standing 3-4 hours per day. Please use this estimation of hours as a guide and not an exact rule.

If you do get tired and need an additional rest, just remember that your tour leader is your best friend in these situations. Just let them know ahead of time and they will tell you the best places and times to get additional rest.

Wheelchair Requirements

We do not provide wheelchair rentals, but you are able to bring your own from home. The airlines will not charge extra for this and we can store this in the bus while you are commuting.

If you do require a wheelchair for your travel then it's also important to travel under the proper expectations. Due to the landscape of many of the sites and streets in Europe. traveling in a wheelchair is a task that will come with challenges. 

Below are 2 requirements for traveling in a wheelchair.

- You must be able to walk up stairs and have some mobility

- You must travel with a companion to help assist you