We are very excited for your upcoming pilgrimage! As your trip departure date gets closer, our team will begin the process of issuing flight tickets for your reservation. Please expect flight details to be emailed to you no later than 90 days prior to your trip departure. 

Below are a few FAQs when it comes to your flights. You will receive more detailed instructions for managing your flight reservations once your specific flight details are emailed to you. 

  • As stated in your pilgrimage confirmation document, all tickets issued are of standard economy class and not upgradable through Glimmer Tours. Although the airlines may allow you to upgrade directly, our internal quality control systems don’t allow for us to adjust your tickets after being issued. (Please note that although some airlines may direct you back to our agency, we will not be able to make adjustments.)

  • Due to limited flight availability, we may have to split up larger groups on different flight routes. Under these special circumstances, we will always prioritize keeping spouses and roommates on the same flight.

  • Due to the logistical requirements of group travel, we are unable to customize flight selections based on each travelers preferences. This includes airline preferences and connecting flight routes for groups departing from different airports.

  • Please expect 1 or 2 stops on your way to and back from your destination. More stops may be required under rare circumstances. Glimmer Tours does not guarantee the selection of the most direct or shortest flight option available, and non-stop flights are rare. Due to the nature of international travel, flight arrival and departure times may be very early or late.